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We make world-class recordings, mixes and productions at fair rates!

World-Class Recording Studios Melbourne

Ginger Recording Studios Melbourne, is a world-class architecturally designed recording studio capable of delivering the highest level of music production available today.

Hidden in a refurbished Cremorne warehouse, this Melbourne recording studio complex consists of 3 acoustically different spaces capable of accommodating large bands and small chamber orchestral groups of up to 25 musicians.

Combining technical expertise with unrivalled acoustic recording​ and listening spaces, Ginger Recording Studios is the only choice in Australia for those seeking the ultimate in sound and music production.

Ginger Recording Studios is the ideal choice for emerging and established artists, providing an unparalleled environment for creative music making and setting the standard for quality music recordings. Having played host to many of the industries top performing musicians and songwriters, our dedicated team offers pedigree experience.

Our clientele ranges across many genres and styles with a focus on new artists aiming to give themselves an advantage in the industry. Justin Bieber, Flume, The Wu-Tang Clan, Jason Derülo, The McQueens, Pekoe, Skrillex Boom, Crash, Opera!, Tina Arena, Syzygy and many more have all made their mark in the studios' growing history.

The studio's sonic excellence extends from the precise design of its acoustic spaces. An accurate, no-compromise control room, expansive live room, vocal isolation booth and a second isolated drum booth have been built to exacting specifications to deliver the finest results.

At the heart of Ginger Recording Studios, Melbourne is a 48 channel Solid State Logic Duality Delta analogue console, integrating Custom Auspurger Monitoring, Aviom headphone mixers and a range of esoteric microphones, instruments and outboard processing units and effects.

Special attention to the recording studios' layout facilitates direct visual contact across the space between musicians. This orientation allows the engineering and production team to be a part of the same creative space as the artists in an unobtrusive manner.

Sdudio Floorplan

Studio Floorplan


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